Asha-Peppiatt-(1).jpg Asha Peppiatt, Guidance Counsellor, is available to learners, staff and parents who may be experiencing some difficulties in their lives. These may include bullying, friendship issues, stress, depression, relationship problems and so forth.

Asha may be contacted by email at peppiatt.a@nexus.edu.sg, calling the school at 6536 6566 or approaching her in person.  Asha's office is located at block C, level 2, opposite of Multipurpose Room. 

People’s intellectual and personal growth are complementary and inextricably linked.

It is this ethos that underpins the role of our Counselling services, where mutual respect and the realisation of human potential are emphasised in every aspect of schooling.

Counsellor's Goals

The service also communicates, co-operates and collaborates with School administrators, teachers and staff, parents and other professionals to ensure that all learners have the opportunity to achieve school success.

We're also here to provide counselling support, advice and guidance for staff and parents.

Counselling Strategies

The Guidance Counsellor role is very complex, because a counsellor needs to build and maintain professional relationships with a wide range of people. The Guidance Counsellor is bound by ethics of confidentiality.

For Learners:

Counselling in a school setting provides learners with an opportunity to explore difficiulties and concerns, and empowers them to make informed decisions. This work aims to support best possible educational and social outcomes for all students. The Guidance Counsellor is pivotal in establishing and maintaining a safe and inclusive school culture that recognises and celebrates diversity. The Guidance Counsellor does not discipline and punish students as this could compromise the counselling relationship.

This work includes:

Providing a professional and confidential counselling service for all learners
Providing guidance services, programmes and activities
Promoting healthy communication between families, peers and staff
Learner advocacy
Mediation/restorative practices
Accessing support from a variety of external agencies and social services
Identifying learners at risk and providing appropriate support
Ensuring all services are accessible and appropriate for all ethnic groups within the school community

For All Staff  

The Guidance Counsellor works closely with phase leaders, form tutors and administrators in the school. The Guidance Counsellor's position is most effective when staff work with them in a collaborative and consultative way, while recognising that confidentiality and autonomy of therapeutic decision-making are central to the Guidance Counsellor role. The Guidance Counsellor helps to establish a safe and inclusive climate in the school, free of intolorance, harassment and bullying.

This work includes:

Providing a professional and confidential counselling service for all staff
Where appropriate and within the bounds of confidentiality, sharing information with staff so learners are effectively supported
Taking a specialist role and acting as a resource person in the development of PSHE programmes
Assisting with the review and implementation of the school's guifance policies
Assisting staff to access guidance resources
Providing staff with professional development in areas such as mediation, listening skills, interview skills, restorative practices and conflict resolution

For Parents/Guardians  

The Nexus Guidance Counsellor is well placed to be a resource person for families and is available to parents/guardians in a consultative role. The work aims to ensure the best educational and social outcomes for their children.

This work includes:

Supporting familites in times of crisis
Assisting families with setting appropriate rules and booundaries for their children's behaviour
Sharing information about adolescent development while acknowledging the tensions, challenges and rewards of living with teenagers
Sharing appropriate family concerns with staff
Facilitating parenting courses
Providing assistance for parent/guardians to seek appropriate referrals to specialist agencies