Safety & Security

The safety and security of learners and staff at Nexus International School (Singapore) is taken very seriously.

Security guards are physically on duty 24/7, and CCTV cameras monitor activities within the school compound at all times.

Absolutely no unauthorised personnel will be granted access under any circumstances, and all visitors entering the grounds must produce their identification and receive a Visitor Pass from the Guard Office.

Security personnel are unable to exercise any flexibility with regard to the safety of our learners and staff.

If you have questions or comments regarding issues of safety, security or the health of the school environment, please contact the Principal.

Haze Guidelines

Nexus International School (Singapore) currently uses the National Environment Agency (NEA website) to monitor Haze conditions. Decisions concerning issues such as school closure will come from Student Services. Please refer to the attachment below for further details.

Download Haze Guidelines