Co-curricular Activities

Learning happens in many places and at many different times. At Nexus International School (Singapore), great emphasis is placed on experiences and learning opportunities outside of the classroom.

Co-curricular activities are offered that encompass everything from traditional sports such as swimming, football, and badminton to more culturally oriented pursuits like drama, musical creativity and dance, alongside myriad other opportunities. We have a dedicated team of specialist coaches and tutors with superb facilities to support these activities; an auditorium, sports halls and fields, music, art and drama workshops and a swimming pool.

There are opportunities for children to apply their learning beyond the classroom through various excursions and day visits, which are an essential part of our curriculum.

We believe that these activities are not diversions from the taught curriculum, not something that children do after class simply to use up time, but rather extensions of what goes on in the classroom.

What do we mean by this?

While the classroom environment is undoubtedly a collaborative one, this spirit of cooperation - the importance of teamwork - becomes all the more pronounced when there’s a collective goal - for example when you’re part of a football team, or performing in a school play. Giving up something personal for the goals of the group is an important life skill - now and in later life when learners have to go out and interact with the world and make a career for themselves.

We see CCAs as nothing less than a training ground for our young people to develop high personal ideals and the skills they will use, so that they are well prepared for the rest of their lives.

For more on the facilities on this campus visit the Facilities page.