Nexus swimming is led by internationally experienced swimming coaches with national and international backgrounds in swimming. Our Nexus Swim Team and Elite Swim Team compete in a series of events every year, ranging from local to international meets such as SNAG Swimming Championships, ACSIS Swimming Competitions and overseas meets.

Nexus is proud to offer highly attractive swimming scholarships to eligible elite swimmers, to join our Elite Swim Team. Our Elite Swim Team participate in an intensive and comprehensive training program which involves dedicating many hours in the pool in order to achieve their personal goals in swimming. The Elite Swim Team is highly committed and ranks among the top competitive teams in Asia. We go the extra mile to offer personalised programs for each swimmer as we believe in maximising the potential of each individual swimmer. We acknowledge that each swimmer is an individual with unique skills, emotional intelligence and developmental needs; we adapt our personalised programs to suit each child.

In addition to improving swimming skills, we strive to develop each swimmer's confidence, respect and enthusiasm for the sport. These are endowments that will last a lifetime.

Our aim is to promote swimming in Singapore and the Southeast Asian region by creating a center of excellence, run by expert international coaches. We will do this by providing comprehensive and high quality swimming programs with special emphasis on developing young swimmers according to their age group and needs. Our competitive program is designed to develop mental toughness, technical skills and achieve the maximum potential of each swimmer in the sport. Moreover, we believe that our program will help to instill the lifetime values of sportsmanship and teamwork, through the disciplined pursuit of the swimming excellence.

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