Respectful Behaviour & Engagement

Good character and productive learning go hand in hand.

Science, Maths, and English literature - these things are all important, of course; but so are things like emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual growth - not in religious terms, but as in a celebration of the human spirit.
We recognise that our school is a social place, and education a social experience. For it to make any sense, therefore, it needs to be shaped or constructed around the relationships between the people involved in it; teachers, students, community.
We at Nexus aim to foster a healthy learning environment for all of our learners, as well as to provide opportunities for young people to interact with each other in a fun, safe and productive way, while learning new skills and to work with each other.
The personal conduct of each individual involved in the process thus affects the success of all. And each must accept their responsibility to the school and their peers in this regard.
The ideals of respect, empathy and collaboration are embedded into everything we do here at the school.
It might sound a little philosophical to say, but what’s really happening here is that our students are learning to be part of the world that exists beyond the gates of the school.
The same world that - at some point in the future - they’re going to join, and be expected to contribute to in a meaningful way.