Pastoral Care

In the Primary School, class teachers are responsible for the pastoral care and safety of all the learners in their class. However in order to promote a culture of respect throughout the school there is a joint responsibility of care for all staff members towards the learners.

Positive Behaviour Policy

The school's positive behaviour management policy creates an environment which gives teachers their right to teach and learners the right to learn without interference. Nexus International School (Singapore) believes in teachers working proactively with learners to solve behavioural problems in a creative, restorative, supportive and non-threatening manner. We place emphasis on showing learners the importance of responsibility. This responsibility training, which takes place in our PHSE lessons, encourages choices about behaviour and the acceptance of the consequences of those choices.


We are an International school and with a school community comprising of so many different nationalities and cultures, respect is key to our success. We expect that all members of the Nexus International School (Singapore) community will:
  •    Respect all other members of the school community
  •    Respect their own and others’ belongings (including the school's)
  •    Always try to do their best and allow others to do theirs
  •    Work and play in a kind and thoughtful way