At Nexus International School (Singapore), we believe technology should enhance and extend learning. As a 1:1 laptop school (Year 6 and up), we have worked hard to ensure that when technology is used, it facilitates new ways to learn or provides access to digital resources which support inquiry based learning across the curriculum. Simply adding devices to a classroom in a bid to increase the ratio of devices to learners doesn’t work. Effectiveness isn't about the number of devices in the room. However, by developing an efficient infrastructure, using the right type of devices and supporting our already confident, ICT literate staff, we’ve seen significant, innovative developments in teaching and learning with digital technologies across Nexus. This is a more measured approach and one which prevents technology from driving the learning.

Learning at Nexus is not a passive process. Across our Primary School, iPads are used to capture learning in real time. iPads support the mobility of learning, they allow learners to cooperate and to collaborate. By providing access to these digital devices as well as a substantial range of effective digital learning resources, lessons are dynamic and exciting. Children instinctively seek out technology. We have built upon this drive so that learners are able to identify when and how technology will enhance their own learning. 
ICT is only effective in the classroom when teachers are confident enough to explore innovative approaches to teaching and learning with digital technologies. We support our staff with ICT focussed professional development. They also have access to a team of dedicated Digital Coaches whose role is to support staff to help them integrate technology into their lessons and activities. Our coaching model allows teachers to reflect on their use of technology and draw upon the skills and experiences of their colleagues. Ideas come from the needs of learners and not the drive to use increasing numbers of devices.
Our online learning platform, The Hub, provides the tools to capture, explore, reflect and assess learning at Nexus. Working with the platform’s developers, we have created a system tailored to the unique requirements of our learners, our curriculum and the wider Nexus community. The platform is by no means static but adapts to changing technology, pedagogy and the expectations of our learning community. It enables learners, teachers and parents to participate in learning journey. It facilitates reflective discussions, allowing learners to share their learning and for teachers and parents to participate too. This reflects the school’s inclusive ethos. 
Put another way, our aim is to use technology only when it is meaningful.