Finding A Truly International Experience At Nexus

As the world gets increasingly interconnected, more families move internationally for work opportunities and Singapore is a popular business hub that has many opportunities. However, though the opportunity is enticing, you may find that there is still some anxiety around leaving their home country, moving away from family and friends and much more.  All this affirms how important it is to choose a new place that works for you. In fact, the school that your children will attend is actually a key factor that will impact your relocation experience.   At Nexus, we believe that the experience goes beyond the

Nexus Wins Silver For HoneyKids Asia “Student Wellbeing Award” In The Education Awards of 2023

Nexus is proud to share that we were award winners for the HoneyKidsAsia 2023 “Student Wellbeing Award”. We are excited to be recognised as a top school that cares for all aspects of learner wellbeing and has made a positive impact on its learner body.    As a school, learner wellbeing has always been a key focus as we know that positive environments are imperative for learner success. Dr Heather Millington, Head of Secondary, cites Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, stating that an individual needs to have their basic needs met before they can reach self-actualisation. As such, Nexus has always

The Importance of Diversity In Education: What It Teaches

As technology advances and travel is more frequent, the world grows increasingly international. Nowadays, it is common for families to relocate globally to work opportunities across the world. This opportunity extends to children who find themselves in a new country and often, international schools. Through these collective experiences, they build intercultural understanding that has become an important and relevant soft skill that benefits a student’s overall growth and development in the future world.       Why Is Diversity In Education Important?   There are three key influencers to what a child may know: society, school and the home. As such,

What Is Play-Based Learning?

“Play-based learning” is a phrase you will commonly hear associated with early childhood education. It is an approach that provides opportunities for children to actively and imaginatively engage with others and their environments. Play-based learning prepares children for their future and extends beyond intellectual skills. By understanding what play-based learning is and how it works, you can decide if a preschool programme in Singapore that offers this learning approach will fit your child. Characteristics of play-based learning Play-based learning is child-directed, enjoyable and process-oriented. Through free play, children can explore freely, allowing them to make mistakes without the fear of