Nexus Learners Explore University and Career Paths at NexSteps Careers Fair

According to The Economic Times, starting early on career guidance can greatly benefit teenagers. By figuring out what interests them early in their secondary education, learners can make informed choices about their academic subjects, setting them on a stronger path towards their dream jobs. Recognising that career guidance in schools is essential in helping prepare learners for a world outside of these walls, Nexus starts its Careers and University units early, from Year 9 to 13 learners and offers the NexSteps Careers Workshop. This is where our Year 10 and 12 learners get a head start by learning from industry

Inclusive Support At Nexus: New and Enhanced Programmes

Since its humble beginnings as a small school with a few hundred learners, Nexus has grown and progressed to become a school for over 1470 diverse learners and families. As our school expands we see new areas of growth emerge across all aspects of school life. One of the growth areas included our inclusive support offerings and the appointment of Sarah-Jane Whyte into a new key role, the Director of Inclusion. Sarah-Jane not only brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience, she will be instrumental in leading the continued development and enhancement of our inclusive support programs.  

Leading The Way: Engaging Well-Rounded Secondary Learners at Nexus International School (Singapore)

Leading in Nexus, Leaders for Life At Nexus, we are passionate about supporting our learners’ development into well-rounded individuals. As an international secondary school in Singapore, our focus isn’t just on academics; it’s about nurturing future-ready learners and equipping them to thrive in an ever-changing world. Through skill-based learning, we understand the importance of providing opportunities and experiences for them to thrive. In fact, there are a variety of ways that we foster holistic development within our secondary school programme. Leading in Experiences: Helping Secondary Learners Discover Their Passion Nexus International School (Singapore) offers a diverse range of Co-Curricular Activities

Nexwell: A Wellbeing App Developed By Five Nexus International School (Singapore) Learners Dedicated to Their Peers

Sparked from a request raised by the school counsellors, five Nexus learners found themselves tackling this challenge: How could learners have access to resources and help 24/7, especially in moments when counsellors and support are not readily available? Their solution – Nexwell, a wellbeing app developed by learners, for learners. Learning By Tackling Real-World Problems The creation of the Nexwell app was an interdisciplinary collaboration that combined the technological possibilities that Computer Science offered, the Design aspects of creating a user interface and the knowledge of psychological needs and mental health. Ms Hemangi Ahire, the Learning Area Leader of the

Nexus Introduces Brain Fitness to Its Classrooms

In an exciting collaboration between Nexus and the leading brain fitness gym, SPARKD, brain fitness was brought to a school in Asia for the first time. The project combined the expertise of Sarah Cole, Head of Primary Physical and Health Education at Nexus, and Anna Milani, Founder and CEO of SPARKD, to co-create an innovative programme for young children. Working with Year 1 learners at Nexus, Sarah and Anna also conducted a study while running this programme to study the effectiveness of combining mental and physical fitness.  Innovation Through Collaboration Not only was this a partnership between two industry experts,

Managing Academic Anxiety: A Guide for Parents and Students

Is your child anxious at school? Although some school-related anxiety is normal, there comes a point where too much stress can negatively impact a child’s wellbeing and performance at school. When it is manageable, it gives them a little healthy worry that can help motivate them to study for tests, complete homework on time and focus on schoolwork. There are ways to identify the warning signs when the anxiety affects your kid negatively and escalates so you can help your child manage academic anxiety when it becomes overwhelming. What Is Academic Anxiety? Academic anxiety arises when one is feeling anxious

Unleashing Innovation At The 2023 Hackathon

Nexus School recently hosted the much-anticipated 2023 Hackathon, a two-day event full of creativity, collaboration, and cutting-edge ideas.    This year’s theme, “Empowering the Nexus Community,” echoed the school’s commitment to education as a transformative force. It unleashed the creativity of our learners to think and develop solutions using technology and innovation to enhance the Nexus experience for everyone involved — learners, teachers, parents, and staff. Collaborations Between Year Groups From the get-go, the learners wasted no time and began by breaking into teams across different year groups. The first day was then spent brainstorming, ideating, and developing prototypes.   

Nexus International School (Singapore) Awarded Gold For Sustainable School of the Year

Nexus is delighted to share that we were Gold Award winners for the HoneyKidsAsia 2023 Sustainable International School of the Year Award. This prestigious recognition highlights the school’s unwavering commitment to eco-friendliness and its groundbreaking efforts to create a sustainable future both within the curriculum and the school infrastructure.  The Care MVMT: Motivating Learner Agency At the heart of Nexus’s sustainability endeavours is the Care:MVMT, specifically, Care:World. It is an initiative that strives to inspire positive action directed towards protecting the planet, especially through collaborative efforts. The Care:MVMT aims to empower learners to realise their potential in enacting change and

Nexus International School IBDP Cohort of 2023: Embarking on a Global Academic Odyssey!

By: Will Towler, Careers & University Counsellor Canada, UK, Sweden, Australia. These are just a few of the amazing destinations our fantastic IBDP cohort of 2023 are currently enjoying as part of their NEXt steps and life after Nexus. With 92% of our learners securing a place at their first choice university, we are incredibly proud to shed some light on the exceptional journey our 2023 leavers are on.  Our first stop on this voyage of discovery: Europe. Home to various fine universities, many of our learners are furthering their educational journey in countries up and down the continent. One of

Nexus Stock Exchange Competition: Cultivating Real-World Investment Skills

This school year, an exciting new initiative has created a buzz around Nexus International School, capturing the attention of both learners and staff — the Nexus Stock Exchange Competition.    Under the guidance of Mr. Raza, Business & Economics Learning Area Leader, the competitive league has cultivated an interest that stretches far beyond the classroom, providing valuable lessons that transcend traditional syllabus content. Launching the First Nexus Stock Exchange Competition Launched at the start of the school year in August, the competition handed participants a virtual $100,000 to invest in a simulated New York Stock Exchange. In all, 206 people