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Early childhood is a time when important connections and discoveries take place in a child’s life. During this critical and exciting time, we aim to provide a well-rounded education for our Early Years learners. Not only do we develop reading, writing and numerical foundations, we also focus on personal, social and emotional development. This includes understanding the world and expressive arts.


To achieve these strong foundations, young learners need to be nurtured in a safe and happy environment. As such, our Nexus Early Years Centre provides our Nursery and Kindergarten learners with a rich and dynamic environment where they can take the lead on their learning, take risks, make mistakes and learn from each of these new experiences.


At Nexus, we use the four pillars of The Nexus Way to guide everything we do, each day at school.


We start with building strong and meaningful relationships with the learners in our Nursery and Kindergarten classes. We want to know about a child as an individual, what are their interests, what skills are they working on, where they come from and who they are.


We do things a bit differently at Nexus. We have a small school feeling whilst offering your child opportunities of a big campus.


We learn from each other and the learners drive what we do. We love asking good questions to push our inquiry in a new and sometimes unexpected direction.


We are here to nurture your child through a time of incredible development and growth. We pride ourselves in having a communication friendly setting where we listen and respond to the child in order to develop each young learner.


Dedicated Learning & Play Area

Flexible & open learning spaces



When you come into our teaching and learning spaces, you will notice that something is missing; it’s the walls. We have an open approach to how our learners engage and learn, which means that they direct their own learning. In this open space, there are multiple teachers to support the learners as they engage in activities and play. In any one teaching space, we cater for all areas of a child’s learning and development. We use our fabulous outdoor garden as a classroom. It’s a place to get messy, ride bikes, plant in the garden and a wonderful place for learners to play.


At Nexus, we offer the Early Years component of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP). This is an educational framework and philosophy that is authorised and evaluated by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) and it is used in over 109 countries. Our globally recognised curriculum focuses on several areas of learning including language arts, mathematics, social studies, science and technology, arts, physical, social and personal development. Our learners experience learning in a second language and receive music and art classes from Early Years specialists.


By the end of the Early Years programme, we aim for learners to actively engage with words and sounds by interacting with a wide range of stimuli and respond confidently with their ideas. In Mathematics we instil a strong foundation in the basics, including topics such as number bonds, shape recognition and addition and subtraction.

PYP Curriculum

play based learning

forward thinking pedagogy

Social & Emotional Development


Children learn best when they are engaged and having fun. Tapping into a child’s natural curiosity, play-based learning allows children to explore freely and develop into confident, creative and independent learners. It is child-directed, enjoyable and process-oriented, allowing children to make their own discoveries without the fear of mistakes or failure. It helps each child discover their interests and develop social skills as they collaborate with their peers and teachers throughout free play. For example, Nexus learners investigated how to delegate tasks and assign leadership roles for projects like the salon that they wanted to start (in addition to their snail hotel!).


While our learners do spend most of their time in their dedicated hub, they often venture into the other spaces in the larger campus while accompanied by their teachers. This gives them an opportunity to use our world-class facilities and also interact with older learners and the projects and activities that they organise.

Sports Facilities

With a leap and a hop, our young learners develop motor skills in their dedicated Fundamentals room. Sometimes, they make trips to our two Sports Halls as well!


Story time! Our early year learners get weekly access to the primary library that’s full of books for all ages.

Sports Field

Our FIFA and World Rugby specified artificial turf can be used for many sporting activities.

Learn to Swim Pool

Make a splash in our beginner-friendly pool that was built specifically for our youngest learners.

dedicated cafeteria

Time for lunch! We have a dedicated cafeteria with age-appropriate furniture that is perfect for our independent Early Years learners.

Tree House

Learning extends outdoors with our young learners exploring and enjoying themselves at our double-storey treehouse.


Great teachers make an impact on life – our dedicated specialist teachers are committed to the holistic development of your child. They understand that every child is unique and treat each learner as an individual, helping them develop their full potential. The team is committed to teaching each child and providing them with opportunities to explore and discover while guiding them towards the creation of new knowledge and greater understanding. Our teachers value each and every learner, bearing a genuine passion for their success.


1:7 Adult to learner Ratio

of our Teacher Assistants are Qualified Teachers’


In our Early Years classrooms, we model positive relationships in an environment where children have high levels of independence, self-esteem and self-confidence. To boost these positive bonds, we encourage a strong parent-school relationship where parents actively contribute and join our classes for projects.


Our teachers also use Seesaw, a learning management platform, to share the work and experiences of the learner. They take pictures and upload them to Seesaw to help parents gain a better understanding of what has happened in the classroom and can connect with their children after a day at school.


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