Christmas 2020


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To round up the year, we put together some wonderful festive tasks for our learners to enjoy through the month of December, with our very own interactive Nexus Advent Calendar. We loved receiving all the photos from our Nexus community and what they had been up to at home! Do also take a look at some of the highlights which happened around school during this festive season!


Day 1

We kicked off the first day of our Christmas Advent Calendar with a 'Letter to Santa'! Our learners had the opportunity to write their own letter to Santa and dropped them off in our own personalised Nexus mailbox (designed by our Nexus parents)! 


Day 2

It was the first day of our Year 12s' #ScrapCap pop-up shop where they sold repurposed caps made from old Nexus uniforms! This initiative was a part of their Junior Achievement project. 

Day 4

3 of our Year 6 learners organised a shoe drive as part of their Taking Action project. Families were encouraged to donate their pre-loved shoes, which were then sent to people all over the world who really needed them.  


Day 9

Through our 'Zoom into your Family' activity, our families engaged in making a DIY Christmas box featuring various festive elements of Christmas or any other celebrations, unique to each family. These DIY treasure boxes were delivered to school, take a look how heartwarming and unique each box is! 


Day 12

Day 12 featured the release of our very own Christmas Nexus family music video, our 'Everyone Can Sing Christmas' MV. Our Music teachers, Ms Clare and Mr Fordham, held virtual singing lessons to learn how to sing our chosen Christmas song for the year (with a Nexus twist, of course!). 

Starring our extremely talented families and staff, check out our Nexus version of "Like It's Christmas" by the Jonas Brothers! 


Day 14

As part of their Year 6 Taking Action initiative, 2 of our Year 6 learners held a Food Drive to encourage our Nexus community to donate non-perishable food items, in their efforts to take action and end food insecurity in Singapore. 


Nexus Music Recitals Christmas Edition

During their recent Music recitals, our talented learners performed a collection of Christmas carols with a variety of instruments such as the trumpet and flute. Check out their performances here