Earth Week 2020


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Despite not being able to support each other physically in school, our learners still played their part to save the earth and commemorate Earth Week!


Day 1: Meatless Monday

Check out some yummy meatless creations from our learners, such as homemade hummus and a healthy salad! 

Day 2: Turn Off Tuesday

Our Nexus community played their part to reduce their carbon footprint. Let's take a look at this video by what Ms Libby and her class got up to! 


Day 3: No Waste Wednesday

One of our Kindergarten learners, Grace, shared with us what she and her brothers have been up to during the Circuit Breaker period. Take a look at her sharing here


Day 4: Together Thursday

Here's an excellent reminder from Kaspar that together, we can save the Earth! Speak Up, Act, Vote and Educate! Check out his sharing here


Day 5: Forward Friday

Watch here to hear what our Senior Leadership Team has pledged to work on to save our earth!