As our oldest learners finish off their last years at Nexus, we aim to prepare them for the next journey they will embark on as they head off to universities and colleges all over the world. Supported closely by our dedicated teachers, we ensure that each learner receives tailored attention and the tools needed to succeed.


We have been very fortunate to work alongside our architects to design our dream school. Our whole school has been involved – teachers have helped to design the innovative learning spaces; our Aquatics Director, Ivan Bunakov, designed an amazing Aquatics centre with an Olympic-sized pool and state-of-the-art touchpads so our swim squad can get accurate recordings; our Director of Sports, Bevan Moriarty, designed the field and our Head of HPE, Graeme Massey, designed the gym halls.
Over two years, IBDP learners at Nexus International School study six subjects from different subject groups as well as completing three core components:




Through an exhibition and 1,600-word essay, IB learners are tested on their critical thinking and are called upon to support, analyse and critique a theory, discussing how it translates to the real world.



Learners produce a 4,000 word independent research piece on a subject of their choice, preparing them for practical undergraduate research. Each international baccalaureate learner at Nexus gets a mentor (a qualified teacher and subject specialist) to help guide them through their essay.



Learners go beyond the classroom to grow mentally, socially, and creatively. CAS aims to encourage learners to show initiative and demonstrate skills such as collaboration, problem solving and decision making to prepare them for life beyond education. At Nexus, we have a dedicated overseas CAS trip in Year 12 to kick-start the IB journey.

The IBDP extends much beyond the six academic subjects, focusing greatly on developing the whole individual through its mandatory core components. At Nexus, the IB is embedded in all that we do. Learners will also find that there are many opportunities to work with peers in their academic pursuits, as well as sports, arts, music and service. Cumulatively, these experiences support learners to be successful and graduate to the university of their choice.

For some learners, taking some parts of the programme as independent elements in IB Courses may be more suitable. As each element of the IB Diploma can stand alone, it still grants learners some university tariff points. We are flexible in creating timetables for learners who choose IB courses- some learners may choose to opt out of one subject they find especially challenging, some learners may choose to only do SL subjects and/or opt out of TOK and the EE. We have conversations with our learners to design a course that best fits their requirements. Nexus has had a good track record of supporting learners who take the Course option to access university successfully.



Hear from our own Nexus International’s Class of 2020 alumni, Udit, who scored a perfect IB point score of 45/45 for his IB Diploma exams. Follow him on his journey to success and what he has learnt to help achieve his goals and widen his life opportunities. Watch the video to find out more.


There are six optional subjects groups in the IBDP, including:

*Environmental Systems and Societies is a cross disciplinary subject which means if you choose this subject it meets the requirements of both a Group three and a Group four subject in one choice.

Learners may opt to study an additional Science or Individuals and Societies subject instead of a course in the Arts. This option caters to those who may wish to choose Biology and Chemistry to pursue Medicine at university. For a full diploma, learners must take three subjects at higher level (HL) and three subjects at standard level (SL). HL and SL courses differ in scope but are measured according to the same grade descriptors, with learners expected to demonstrate a greater body of knowledge, understanding and skills for the higher levels.


There are IB World Schools in nearly 150 countries throughout the world, and IB graduates enter universities in nearly 90 countries annually. Many graduates from Nexus have successfully apply to universities in Australia, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Denmark, USA and Canada.

IB World Schools in nearly
countries throughout the world
IB graduates enter universities in nearly


There are IB World Schools in nearly 150 countries throughout the world, and IB graduates enter universities in nearly 90 countries annually. Many graduates from Nexus have successfully apply to universities in Australia, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Denmark, USA and Canada.

Every university has different requirements for IB scores for admission. For several universities such as UC Berkeley and SUNY, learners may receive university credit hours for IP Diploma scores above 30 upon admission.

Example University Requirements

To apply for English Language and Literature at Christchurch College, University of Oxford, an applicant typically needs a total DP grade of 38 points, and at least a six in three HL subjects.
Other universities have require the following IB scores:


Nexus offers a comprehensive University Guidance programme, with Year 9 to 13 learners starting Careers and University units that are delivered by our Careers and University Counsellor, IB Coordinator, Phase Leaders and Tutor Teachers during PSHE time.
Our team is constantly refreshing their knowledge and information yearly to ensure that our learners have the most updated information. Through this process, learners are guided towards exploring their personalities, strengths and weaknesses and interests as they determine what they would like their future to look like. They are also supported through application preparation and processes.


At Nexus, we do everything in our ability to propel our learners to achieving their full potential. We have dedicated teachers who support small tutor groups (around 10 learners per group), which allows each individual to thrive in a supportive environment. We offer a wide subject choice range for our learners and an expert CAS programme which is led by learners, supported by teachers, allowing them to thrive within their passions and enjoyments. We also support our learners with flexibility, especially for some who have commitments in their specialist fields. Hence, we also offer the IBDP over three years so that learners are able to meet all their sporting or art commitments and schedules.
Nexus is accredited by WASC and our graduation certificate is recognised by universities across the USA as the equivalent to a US High School Diploma. Our IB results have also been very positive, with our average points per diploma above the global average, 100% pass rate and some learners gaining very high scoring diplomas. We strive to support each individual to reach their fullest potential for these tests and our team is dedicated to nurturing them as a whole person who is ready for the world outside Nexus.


School Trips in the IBDP are designed to support their coursework through CAS projects, research and fieldwork. This allows them to demonstrate what they have learned in practical and new surroundings, attributing it to their dissertation. These trips are designed to take our learners out of their comfort zones, provide them with opportunities to take risks and engage in life-changing experiences.

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