Learning, Laughter, and Community: Looking Back at the International Fair

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The buzz of excitement crackled in the air as the second annual International Fair, a testament to our rich cultural diversity, organised by our Nexus Parent Community Group (NCG), kicked off. Parents and learners streamed through the halls, their faces alight with curiosity. Thirty-six booths burst with national pride, each representing a different nation, showcasing their countries’ most delectable dishes and offering a taste of the world. Aromatic spices hung in the air as families wandered from stall to stall, sampling exotic flavours and swapping stories. 

The international feast wasn’t just for the taste buds – 27 vendors displayed unique wares, from handcrafted jewellery to fresh coffee samples, tempting eager shoppers with their diverse offerings. Laughter filled the air as children ran around, brimming with boundless energy. Bouncy castles provided a thrilling adventure, while the dunking tank offered a refreshing cool-down on the field. Undoubtedly, there was something for everyone.

Music, fashion show & a surprise dance!

The air was filled with music as the Nexus Beats musicians played lively tunes, while the Primary Choir’s melodies elicited proud smiles from parents. The audience was captivated by a magnificent display of cultural fashion, showcasing the intricate beauty of national costumes. Cheerleaders executed perfect routines, and taekwondo demonstrations left the audience breathless with their agility and precision. As if that wasn’t enough, a surprise flash mob erupted, courtesy of our Indian community, injecting an additional burst of energy into the afternoon with their vibrant dance.


Anticipation built as the day drew closer to its grand finale: the flag parade. Singapore’s flag proudly led the procession, followed by a sea of vibrant colors representing our school’s cultures. The community applauded as they marched around the open-air hallways, celebrating the rich diversity that makes Nexus such a special place.

As the sun began its descent, a warm sense of community lingered. The International Fair had indeed lived up to its name, weaving a glorious afternoon of joy, friendship, and a shared appreciation for the rich tapestry of cultures that colours our world at Nexus. This fantastic day wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible energy and dedication of the NCG, volunteers, parents, vendors, staff, learners, and teachers! Thank you all for making this such a fun-filled success!

See the highlights of the day

Take a look at our video and see all the fabulous events on the day.

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