Finding A Truly International Experience At Nexus

As the world gets increasingly interconnected, more families move internationally for work opportunities and Singapore is a popular business hub that has many opportunities. However, though the opportunity is enticing, you may find that there is still some anxiety around leaving their home country, moving away from family and friends and much more. 

All this affirms how important it is to choose a new place that works for you. In fact, the school that your children will attend is actually a key factor that will impact your relocation experience.


At Nexus, we believe that the experience goes beyond the classroom – it extends to the community engagement for the whole family. The school becomes a gathering point for families around the globe and that is why it is really important to choose an international school that has a diverse group of people from around the world to get the full intercultural learning experience.

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A Truly International School

Nexus is unique because it has a truly diverse learner population. Not only does Nexus have 60 nationalities, no one nationality at Nexus is over 15% and only three nationalities have a percentage over 10% of the total population. The top 25 nationalities make up 92% of the population which means that in any classroom, there will typically be eight different nationalities and languages spoken. 

Unlike many other schools, Nexus is not affiliated with any nationality, taking a truly international positioning in its curriculum and its holistic approach. We use the IB curriculum which has a neutral framework that lends itself to the broadest range of learners from around the world. 

The Community We Build

The Nexus parent population is made up of people who enjoy making friends with families from around the world. The school’s parent group, Nexus Community Group (NCG), have led many community events that celebrate the cultural differences of families from around the world. They are the driving force behind the annual International Fair where the community comes together to share food, language and traditions from their home countries with the whole school community. On a more regular basis, the NCG organises “knowledge sharing” workshops where they share languages, cultural crafts and dances during their weekly sessions. 

As we continue to foster our diverse community, Nexus invites you to be part of our unique offering as a truly international school in Singapore. We welcome you to a school where the world meets and cultures are shared. 


Reach out to our admissions team at to schedule a personalised tour in-person or online to find out more about Nexus. 

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