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Cherylinn Anne Jarvis

Learning Support Integrator

Bachelor of Education Degree (Primary) - University of Rhodesia, Zimbabwe
Bachelor of Education Degree - University of Auckland, NZ
PostGraduate Diploma in Specialist Teaching - Massey University, NZ
Master of Specialist Teaching (Learning & Behavior) - Massey University, NZ

Cherry is an experienced educator, essentially African, coming from Zimbabwe and also a proud New Zealander. She is extremely passionate about teaching and learning, especially creatively enabling diverse learners to access learning through their individual strengths. This inclusive approach is borne out of years teaching at a Primary level; becoming a accomplished Special Education teacher and of late, leading an Early Intervention team in Saudi Arabia. Her own grown children emulate her passion for following personal pathways with one daughter in the medical field in Iraq and one son, an international cricketer. Learning experiences, encounters and exercise are her daily priorities.