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Kevin Bennett

Music Teacher

Bachelor of Creative Music Technology

Originally from the North East of England, Kevin is a life-long learner. After graduating from University of Hull with a BA Hons in Creative Music Technology, he found joy in sharing his knowledge by coordinating and delivering a variety of music workshops and enthusiastically teaching instrumental lessons in private and public schools.

For the next ten years, he gained experience performing around the world as a versatile professional Bassist.

Wanting to make a deliberate move into education, Kevin completed his teacher training with Moreland University (Washington DC, USA) and has since been working in the Canadian public school system.

He finds it extremely rewarding to be able to bring people together through the power of music and firmly believes that everyone should be given the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.


International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB-PYP)

- Nursery: Music, Unit of Inquiry
- Kindergarten: Music, Unit of Inquiry
- Year 1: Music, Unit of Inquiry
- Year 2: Music, Unit of Inquiry
- Year 3: Music, Unit of Inquiry
- Year 4: Music, Unit of Inquiry
- Year 5: Music, Unit of Inquiry
- Year 6: Music, Unit of Inquiry