At Nexus, we are committed to supporting our learners to follow their dreams and achieve their individual goals. With this in mind, Nexus is proud to share that we offer both Academic and Swimming scholarships in Singapore to incoming learners who excel in these disciplines.

Our scholarship opportunities offer concessions that cover between 25% to 100% of the annual tuition fees. The award covers two full academic years, including the complete International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. All applications will be assessed by our Scholarship Admissions Committee.

Successful academic and swimming scholarship applications are also entitled to a full 100% waiver on the application fee, enrolment fee and the school development fund so you can enjoy additional savings of over SGD$5,000.


Academic Scholarship

Please speak to our Admissions Teamabout Academic Scholarship opportunities

The Nexus Academic Scholarship is only offered to learners entering Year 12 for the start of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).

How to apply

Following an initial enquiry to our Admissions team where you may ask any questions about our School and our Scholarship Programme, you will then need to:

  • Complete our standard learner application form
  • Complete our Scholarship Application
  • Provide us with your previous school reports (at least two years but as many as you can send)
  • Provide a copy of the applicant’s passport
  • Provide results of a previous CAT4 assessment (if you have this), however, all suitable candidates will still be invited to take this with Nexus

Once we have received all the required documents and after relevant tests have been completed, applications will then be reviewed by our Scholarship Committee for fairness.


Scholarship applications must exhibit a high level of academic excellence. Academic scholarships are awarded based on tests at Nexus and past school records.

Applicants must:

- Possess excellent academic results

- Score well on the CAT4 test taken with Nexus

- Possess excellent records in extra-curricular activities

- Demonstrate leadership qualities

- Be of an eligible age for entry into the IB Diploma programme








The Nexus Swimming Scholarship is offered to learners from Year 10 upwards.

Nexus’ swimming scholarships are specially curated to provide a personalised approach to swimming. Our swim squad has a good balance of both national and global exposure, frequently competing against international schools and on international levels such as the World and European Junior Championships.

Our extensive programme has produced elite swimmers who represented their home nations at the World and European Junior Championships since 2018. They have also broken over 100 national records across different age groups.

Currently, we have three swimmers on Junior National Teams (Great Britain, Spain, and Ireland) and one swimmer on the Senior National Team for Season 2021 for the World and European Championships. Year 13 learner Carmen won a bronze medal at the European Olympic Festival in 2019 and a gold medal at the European Junior Swimming Championships in 2021, marking one of our biggest achievements to date.

Our swim squad is headed by elite coach, Larisa Mogutova. Larisa is a former international swimmer from Russia. Our swimmers will highly benefit from learning under Larisa’s tutelage. All our coaches are highly dedicated to their team and will often travel to support the team at major swim events and competitions.

Our swim squad trains a minimum of seven to ten times a week, depending on individual needs and physical development. Each personalised swimming programme is supplemented with an exclusive gym and land training program. The well-founded swimming training regime is complemented by state-of-the-art facilities such as an Olympic-sized pool with the capability to be converted into a short course for beginner swimmers, a swim-specific gym, an Omega electronic timing system and diving blocks with reaction time sensors.

We are also the first school on the island that began using power towers to help develop power for speed. These world-class facilities assist in fostering the needs of our swimmers to strive for their absolute best and to achieve their goals. Scholarship learners at Nexus have every opportunity to prepare themselves for top-tier life opportunities ahead.

Speak to us about our scholarship opportunities today.

Age Group Time

Our Swimming Scholarship includes:



Swimming scholarships are based on meeting Triple A and above times, as stipulated in Age Group Time Standards, in several core events. If you meet these prerequisites and are based in Singapore, you may be invited for a swim trial. If you are out of the country, we may ask you to send videos, timings or details of any competitions or meets that we can verify.

In the following round, your family will attend an interview with the Head of Secondary School.

Minimum Education Qualifications

GCSE - 8+ or B grades or above or a predicted IBDP score of 35 points or above

CAT 4 Means of 115 and above


There are potentially two rounds of applications for both the Academic and Swimming Nexus scholarships.

Phase 1 commences in September and closes at the end of October. If no suitable scholarship applications are received, we may open up applications in Phase 2.

Phase 2 commences in February and closes at the end of April.

Phase 1:

  1. Application Deadline: 29 October
  2. Testing Dates for CAT4 completion: 4 and 5 November (details to be advised)
  3. Committee Review Date: 31 November
  4. Notification of Scholarship: By 1 December

Phase 2:

  1. Application Deadline: 31 March
  2. Testing Dates for CAT4 completion: 4 and 5 April (details to be advised)
  3. Committee Review Date: 29 April
  4. Notification of Scholarship: By 31 May
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