As any parent knows, raising a happy and well-adjusted child is no easy task. One of the best ways to support your child is by getting them involved in school events. From competitive swimming lessons to fun co-curricular activities (CCA), these types of activities can provide many benefits, both academic and social. For example, team sports can instill the importance of teamwork and cooperation, while individual activities can foster independence and responsibility. 

At Nexus International School, we have different types of events and activities for your child to choose from, ranging from CCAs to school-wide trips. 



Here, our range of programmes can provide your child with countless opportunities to learn new skills, make new friends, and have fun. Participation in school events at Nexus can help your child explore their interests. They might even discover a hidden talent! In fact, your child can turn their musical dreams into a reality through our music elective programme. They can look forward to performing at our annual school-wide event, Nexus Beats.   

Whether it’s back-to-school or holiday events, you can count on Nexus to have activities in store for your child. 



Keen to discover school events that are both fun and enjoyable for your child? Feel free to get in touch with us or book a tour to explore our school environment today.


We are a full member of the Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools (ACSIS). The mission of ACSIS is to provide student-athletes with an opportunity to compete in a broad and balanced inter-school athletic program that is an integral part of their educational experience.

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CCAs are built to cater to learning outside the classroom in a wide range of activities. We offer three CCA seasons through the course of the year. The choices range from yoga to football skills, origami to watercolour painting, science experiments to race car engineering, cooking classes to circus performance.

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Heading up our Swim Squad is husband and wife duo, Larisa Mogutova and Ivan Bunakov. Larisa is a former Russian Olympic swimmer and Ivan has a Masters in PE from Russia, and is Level 5 certified by American Swimming Coaches Association.

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As parents, learners and educators, we are all in agreement about the immense impact learning an instrument has on cognitive development, social interaction and simply enjoying life!

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School trips are designed to take children out of their routine and provide them with new experiences outside their normal activities. This allows them to demonstrate what they have learned in practical and new surroundings. School trips provide alternative educational opportunities, cultural enrichment and community service.

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There is no past event.
  • It was Green Innovation Week (15 - 19 November) at Nexus! Learners were involved in a variety of different activities throughout the week.

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    Green Innovation Week 2021


  • Nexus learners and staff dedicated the week of 13 to 17 September 2021 to acknowledge and highlight the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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    Global Goals Week 2021


  • Our learners chose to dedicate each day of Earth Week to protect the Earth, targeting 5 specific areas - Water, Power, Plants & Food, Zero Waste and Insects. 

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    Earth Week 2021


  • 50 of our very own learners took part in our 7th edition of Nexus Beats! 

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    Nexus Beats VII


  • This week, we celebrated Nexus Book Week 2021: Journey Through Time!

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    Nexus Book Week 2021


  • Nexus welcomes a new ox-picious year with our Chinese New Year celebrations! 

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    Chinese New Year 2021


  • To round up the year, we put together some wonderful festive tasks for our learners to enjoy through the month of December, with our very own interactive Nexus Advent Calendar. 

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    Christmas 2020


  • Celebrating the Festival of Lights, our learners had the opportunity to savour traditional snacks and had fun with "henna" tattoo stickers! 

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    Deepavali Celebration 2020


  • We had our first ever "Dress Up for Halloween" where our learners came in their best Halloween outfits to spook each other's socks off! We had a ghoul-y great time! 

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    Halloween 2020


  • At Nexus, International Mindedness is respecting global and intercultural diversity, promoting mutual understanding and fair outcomes in our community. We celebrated Global Goals Week with 5 dedicated goals for each day of the week.

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    Global Goals Week 2020


  • In partnership with Lions Pride Singapore and Crayola, merlion figurines were sold on campus and our learners dressed up to the theme of a merlion, or their own representation of Singapore. 

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    Merlion Fundraiser 2020


  • Despite not being able to support each other physically in school, our learners still played their part to save the earth and commemorate Earth Week!

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    Earth Week 2020


  • Our musically talented learners took part in our 6th edition of Nexus Beats!


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    Nexus Beats VI


  • Chinese New Year is always a favourite time for our Nexus family! This year, it was the very first time we celebrated it with traditional lion and dragon dances in our new gymnasium. Our learners had so much fun!

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    Chinese New Year 2020


  • It was a wonderful afterrnoon as we came together to celebrate Christmas for the last time at Ulu Pandan!

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    Christmas Fair 2019


  • Hot, sunny and sweaty. However these things did not deter our Nexus swimmers from having a splashing fun time with our FINA athletes yesterday! 

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    FINA Swim Clinic 2019


  • Inspired by the sad news of our own Year 10 learner who has been diagnosed with osteosarcoma, our resourceful Year 10 learners took it upon themselves to raise money to support cancer research. 

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    Hair for Hope 2019


  • This year, we hosted our inaugural shoe collection event - "Kick Off Your Shoes" - from 6 to 14 June. 

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    Shoe Bank


  • It was fabulous to see all learners from Nursery up to Year 8 involved, supporting each other and working together to complete the route up and down the stairs and corridors of the school.

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    Chora Chori Climbathon