Nexus International School believes it is important for primary school children to find hobbies they are passionate about outside of school, and the Co-curricular Activities (CCA) programme in Singapore will give them exposure to a range of exciting activities.

Learners can choose from over 90 CCAs. From the more traditional choices such as choir, Model United Nations (MUN), chess club, sports such as netball, rugby, swimming and to contemporary options like Dungeons & Dragons, golf, lego robotics, Irish dancing and race car engineering, there’s something for everyone!

Many of the CCAs are free unless it is taught by a specialist or some additional materials are needed. Some of the CCAs are offered during lunchtime or before school.

Creating Leaders Through CCAs

We consider every child at Nexus capable of taking on a leadership role and co-curricular activities are one way to facilitate that. Through Primary Action Groups, Secondary Student Council and Eco-Committees children are encouraged to take action in planning and organising a variety of initiatives. They have worked on projects such as their own vertical garden, from prototype to a 2 metre high garden. Another group of learners is creating their own skate park!

Leadership Opportunities In Our CCAs

Older learners are encouraged to lead a CCA as part of their CAS component for their IB Diploma or as contribution towards their Duke of Edinburgh Award.  One of our most popular CCAs is The Culture of Food. In this co-curricular activity learners take charge of the kitchen and explore and recreate global cuisines and share the customs that accompany the food. The aim is to equip all participants with a range of recipes which can be cooked at university - budget meals, one pot meals, dinner party and celebration dishes, TV dinners, edible presents etc.

Contact our team to tour our school and let your child learn more about the plethora of CCAs we offer.