Year 12 IBDP Science Learners Engage in Transformative Outdoor Education in Rompin Rainforest

Our Year 12 learners recently embarked on a remarkable educational journey as part of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) Sciences. Over four days, they immersed themselves in the lush and diverse Rompin Rainforest in Malaysia. This outdoor education experience was closely linked to their Internal Assessments (IA), a critical component of the final external IBDP assessment. Internal Assessments (IA) in the IBDP are research-based projects that account for a substantial portion of the final grade in each science subject. These assessments require learners to formulate a research question, conduct experiments, and analyse data, thereby developing a deep understanding of

Fostering Teamwork & Resilience on the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Trip

As a teacher and the Duke of Edinburgh Award leader at Nexus International School Singapore, facilitating the Bronze trip to Pulau Ubin was a deeply fulfilling experience for me. It was more than just a Nexus school trip or camping excursion, it was a transformative journey for both myself and the 27 learners who embarked on this adventurous journey.   The Duke of Edinburgh’s (DOE) Award is about imparting essential life skills such as resilience, adaptability, and teamwork to our learners. While Nexus currently offers only the Bronze level of the award, it is a foundational step towards building a

Nexus Learner Wins Third at National Dressage Championships: A Story of Dedication and Teamwork

Nexus International School Singapore is proud to celebrate the remarkable achievements of our talented learner, Lilly.  Lilly recently secured 3rd place in the prestigious National Dressage Championships, a competition that gathers the finest riders from clubs across Singapore. Impressively, this was her third time competing at the national level. A Winning Routine The National Dressage Championships require riders to complete a series of tests judged by experienced professionals, including an ex-Olympian.  For the freestyle portion, riders choreograph a routine incorporating 12 specific moves while ensuring their music complements the horse’s movement. This showcases both the rider’s creativity and their ability

Reflecting on a Spooktacular Show: Key Learnings from ‘The Addams Family’ Performance

As the head of Theatre here at Nexus, I couldn’t be more proud of the dedication and enthusiasm radiating from everyone involved in our production of “The Addams Family.” It was palpable, infectious even. When selecting a play for this year’s performance, we aimed to choose something that would both challenge and inspire our talented learners, but also something none of the staff had done before. Interestingly, a significant portion of the cast had requested “The Addams Family,” citing their love for the quirky characters and we thought it would be fun to try out a slightly darker comedy this year.

Nexus Year 4 Trip: Exploring Singapore’s History

Throughout the term, Year 4 learners have been exploring how early migrant settlers shaped Singapore by focusing on the inquiry ‘Migration changes communities and places over time.’ They explored why different groups migrated to Singapore and the important contributions these pioneers made which still impact our society today. As part of their Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) program, the Year 4 students recently went to the ‘Images of Singapore’ exhibition in Sentosa, enhancing their understanding of these historical ideas. Tracing the Steps of Singapore’s Founders Year 4 Learners Exploring the ‘Images of Singapore’ Museum Susan Kelly, Year Leader wrote. The