Nexwell: A Wellbeing App Developed By Five Nexus International School (Singapore) Learners Dedicated to Their Peers

Sparked from a request raised by the school counsellors, five Nexus learners found themselves tackling this challenge: How could learners have access to resources and help 24/7, especially in moments when counsellors and support are not readily available? Their solution – Nexwell, a wellbeing app developed by learners, for learners. Learning By Tackling Real-World Problems The creation of the Nexwell app was an interdisciplinary collaboration that combined the technological possibilities that Computer Science offered, the Design aspects of creating a user interface and the knowledge of psychological needs and mental health. Ms Hemangi Ahire, the Learning Area Leader of the

Nexus Stock Exchange Competition: Cultivating Real-World Investment Skills

This school year, an exciting new initiative has created a buzz around Nexus International School, capturing the attention of both learners and staff — the Nexus Stock Exchange Competition.    Under the guidance of Mr. Raza, Business & Economics Learning Area Leader, the competitive league has cultivated an interest that stretches far beyond the classroom, providing valuable lessons that transcend traditional syllabus content. Launching the First Nexus Stock Exchange Competition Launched at the start of the school year in August, the competition handed participants a virtual $100,000 to invest in a simulated New York Stock Exchange. In all, 206 people

Nexus Learners Become Internationally Accredited Mental Health First Aiders

At Nexus International School (Singapore), our commitment to learner wellbeing leaps forward with the latest initiative from our CARE:MVMT Ambassadors. Empowering Learners for a Supportive Community Nexus Learners with George Peterkin of ‘Mind Your Health Ltd’ George Peterkin of ‘Mind Your Health Ltd‘ recently led an extensive Mental Health First Aid Training program at Nexus International School in Singapore. This day-long training covered crucial topics such as the fundamentals of mental health, different disorders and why people develop mental health conditions, symptom recognition, and effective approaches to supporting others.   George and the learners engaged in conversations about ways to

Square Roots Visit Nexus International School (Singapore)

Fostering Entrepreneurial Mindset and Sustainability at Nexus International School (Singapore) Nexus International School (Singapore) has long championed entrepreneurship education, instilling an innovative and proactive business mindset within its learners. Through dynamic entrepreneurship programs and workshops, Nexus empowers its learners to embrace the challenges and opportunities in business ventures. Tobias’s presentation at Nexus International School (Singapore) highlighed the vital link between entrepreneurship and sustainability. During his visit to Singapore for International Agri-Food Week 2023, Tobias Peggs, CEO and Co-founder of Square Roots, visited our campus and provided a captivating discussion to our learners on business sustainability, entrepreneurship, life in a startup,