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Primary School

Primary School is from Nursery to Year 6, ages 3 to 11 years. The Primary School is both the longest period of a child’s education and the time when the most connections and discoveries take place.

Our Primary School provides a rich and dynamic, forward-looking learning environment. Our children build strong foundations in reading, writing, numerical skills and scientific understandings. In addition, we teach our learners to develop the skills and approaches to learning that are essential in this rapidly changing world.

Areas of learning are English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Arts, and Personal, Social and Physical Education. All our learners have the opportunity to learn in a second language. French or Chinese is taught through intensive and immersive daily language tuition from specialist speakers.

Education for our young learners extends beyond class time with over 90 co-curricular activities, from Cross Stitch Crazy to Taekwondo and Gymnastics to Lego Robotics. Children have a wide range of activities to explore, encourage and develop their passions.







primary benchmark assessment
based on naplan testing

ANBA - Australian National Bald Average

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read above the
global average

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are above the maths
global average