Learning Environment

Nexus was purposefully designed and built with innovative learning environments at the centre of the decision-making process to support and enhance the learning process. To give your child the best education in Singapore, we prioritise innovation and creativity in the learning journey, creating stimulating classrooms, customised activities and flexible curriculums. 

When starting our new campus at Aljunied, we consulted with our experienced teachers and our school community and looked at state-of-the-art schools and educational research around the world in order to create innovative learning environments. We collaborated with the Nexus family community to develop classrooms without walls from as early as 2013, and eventually incorporated these ideas into an exciting new school campus.

The result is that we have open-plan, flexible areas for our learner community to innovate, collaborate and learn in.




Children work best in stimulating and creative environments and we feel that the personalised approach at Nexus means they can experiment and reflect on their learning. By giving learners the opportunity to choose how and where they learn, we empower them to build agency, independence and self-confidence. There are also areas where learners can collaborate with each other in groups, present their findings and work with one another in the presentation spaces.



We designed the learning hubs and equipped them with tables, walls and windows that can be written on to encourage innovation and creativity in our learners. By giving our learners the opportunity to choose how and where they learn, we empower them to build independence and self-confidence.

As a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) school, we encourage our learners to be creative in all they do. Our studios allow learners to work across a variety of platforms such as Ceramics, Art and Makerspaces to explore their creative spirit.


We are also established as one of only three Apple Distinguished Schools in Singapore, taking pride in our innovative approach towards learning. To secure this high-profile accolade we demonstrate educational excellence, a commitment to innovation, and exemplary learning environments that aim to stimulate, inspire and impact students' lives. We invest in professional learning opportunities which encourage our teachers to explore new innovative technologies that enhance learning. Find out more about our curriculum for primary and secondary levels and the school events we organise to offer a rich, all-rounded education to develop students who are creative, independent thinkers.