School field trips are designed to take children out of their routine and provide them with new experiences outside their normal activities. This allows them to demonstrate what they have learned in practical and new surroundings. School trips provide alternative educational opportunities, cultural enrichment and community service.



Residential school field trips are the highlight of any year, but they are not the only options available to learners at Nexus. Year Groups will often head to Singapore's rich cultural historical areas, museums and galleries to enhance their learning outside of the classroom. Subject groups will frequently broaden their experience by heading on school trips to conventions and exhibitions such as the Shell 'Make the Future' festival. Most Singapore day field trips in every year group are included in the school fees.



Our partnership with Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT) gives our learners free opportunities to enjoy some of the island’s most stellar productions during their field trips. In addition, we are proud to have learners involved in the SRT Young Company's writing and acting programmes.



Learners have additional opportunities to travel on school trips abroad as part of their commitment to the Duke of Edinburgh's Award and The World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA). These programmes have taken learners all across Asia, and even to present in the UN Global Headquarters in New York.

Year 3 Trip - Sarimbun


In Semester 1, learners from Year 3 go on a one-night residential school trip to Sarimbun Campsite (Jurong), Singapore. The purpose of this trip is to enable learners to build self confidence and support others during challenging tasks by working as a team. They can look forward to having fun with their peers while learning independence being away from familiar surroundings and routines.

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Year 4 Trip - Malacca


In Semester 1, all learners from Year 4 go on a two-night residential trip to Malacca, Malaysia. Learners experience independence while finding out about the explorers and migrants who have shaped both the people and history of Malacca.

Year 5 Trip - Bintan


In Semester 2, learners from Year 5 travel by ferry for a two-night residential trip to Bintan, Indonesia. They participate in a wide range of activities such as kayaking and boom-netting, discover eco-friendly methods practised by the resort and make a positive impact on the local community through a service activity.

Year 6 Trip - Langkawi


In Semester 2, learners from Year 6 fly to Malaysia for a four-night residential trip in Langkawi. There, they develop a greater understanding of sustainable practices that help to promote balance between our needs and the needs of the environment.

Year 7 Trip - Tioman


In October, Year 7 learners go on a four-night residential trip to Tioman, Malaysia. The focus of this trip is teamwork through a range of activities like jungle hiking, waterfall swimming, snorkelling, kayaking and jetty jumping. Year 7 visit a local conservation initative, Juara Turtle Project. Here they look at conservation efforts for one of the worlds most threatened marine creatures.

Year 8 Trip - Telunas


In October, Year 8 learners go on a four-night residential trip to Telunas, Indonesia. They collaborate on a community project in which they visit and connect with a local village. They take part in a range of outward-bound activities, such as jungle hiking, jetty jumping and fishing.

Year 9 Trip - Ipoh


In October, Year 9 learners go on a four-night residential trip to Ipoh, Malaysia. The focus of this trip is on leadership as they take part in a range of outward-bound activities, such as rock climbing, white water rafting and adventure caving. Learners are challenged to navigate their team through a stretch of white water and cook a meal which includes buying ingredients from a local village where no one speaks their language.

Year 10 Trip – Ho Chi Minh City


In May, Year 10 learners go on a five-night residential trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. They take part in a range of educational activities that will support the work they have been doing in their Humanities and Additional English lessons. From the legacy of the Vietnam War to the development of the fastest growing Asian economy, Ho Chi Minh provides an immersive learning experience.

Year 12 Trip - Telunas


In October, Year 12 learners go on a week-long residential trip to Telunas, Indonesia. They collaborate on a significant community project in which they visit and connect with a local village. This trip provide significant contributions to each learner's Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) programme, National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) as well as embed the understanding of elements of the Theory Of Knowledge (TOK) curriculum.

Year 12 Biology and ESS Trip - Indonesia


In May 2018, learners from Year 12 will be going on a four-day/three-night residential trip to LooLa Adventure Camp to Bintan, Indonesia. The purpose of the trip is to provide opportunities for fieldwork studies to our learners. Fieldwork is a vital component in the study of IBDP Biology and Environmental Systems and Societies. It connects the material we cover in the classroom with the real world. This experience will also provide them with field work skills that are a critical component of their IBDP Biology or ESS course. *All destinations are correct at time of publication.