Early Childhood is the foundation of a child’s education when most connections and discoveries take place. Our Primary School provides a rich and dynamic learning environment for children from the age of 3 to 11 years. At Nexus International School, our Early Childhood begins with Nursery and Kindergarten. During this critical time, children begin to read, write and build the foundations of numerical and scientific understandings.


To achieve this strong foundation, young learners need to be nurtured in a safe and happy environment, one where they can lead their learning, take risks and make mistakes, and learn from every new experience. 


When selecting an Early Childhood enrichment centre for your child, it is important to review a few key things, including the quality of teachers, the rigour of the curriculum, opportunities for exploratory learning, and the type of facilities. By ensuring that teachers at Nexus private school have the right qualifications and are specifically trained to teach Early Childhood education, we assure we bring out the best in your child. Our Early Childhood is also globally recognised and focuses on several areas of learning including language, mathematics, social studies, science and technology, arts, and personal, social and physical education. 


We focus on play-based learning to allow children to explore and develop into confident, creative and independent learners. You can also be assured that we have fun indoor and outdoor spaces that engages your child, including pods for collaborative play, a music room, art room and water play areas. 




Nexus International School (Singapore) is your choice early childhood education centre. We emphasise building traits of creativity and independence in our students. We aspire to mould young learners to contribute to the world as leaders who act with integrity, are passionate about what they do and respect and care for the people around them. 

The Nexus Way guides our teaching methodologies and adopts the key elements of Mindsets, Relationships, Inclusion and Innovation. Nexus learners are inquisitive and think critically, learn how to collaborate and empathise with their peers and are challenged through stimulating environments. Contact us for more information or book a tour with us to take look at our facilities.



Play BasedLearning