For Nursery To Year 9

As parents, learners and educators, we all agree on the immense impact learning an instrument has on cognitive development, social interaction and simply enjoying life! One of the most notable benefits is enhanced motor skills, which are crucial for children at a young age. 

Music classes at Nexus International School in Singapore are dedicated to offering opportunities for learners to participate and achieve their potential. Our music elective programmes are part of the curriculum for Nursery to Year 9 children before specialising as an optional examination subject. Children have the opportunity to join bands, choirs, ensembles, orchestras and CCAs to follow their musical passions.

Benefits Of Our Music Elective Programmes

With music as an elective programme, your child can explore their interests, express themselves creatively, and develop a sense of self-confidence. Music classes also offer a great opportunity for enhanced social interaction, as your child will learn to work together with their peers to create something beautiful. Performing music can ultimately be a great source of pride and accomplishment for your child. Overall, the benefits of music programmes for children are manifold.

Here in Nexus, we provide a high-quality Instrumental Music Programme that is designed to help develop your child’s passion and skills, in all stages of their musical journey. We have an in-house team of professional and experienced music teachers that work closely with your children in building their confidence when performing.

Bring Out The Best In Your Child

At Nexus, learners are provided countless opportunities to hone and showcase their musical talents and skills such as through our annual highlight event, Nexus Beats. Our learners perform their own music or covers in bands or individually, and have been known to compete in band battles across Singapore. Our new two-tier 520 seater Auditorium provides a perfect avenue for our learners to engage in musical performances, concerts and school productions.

For more information on our classes, please contact our Music department at Apart from music elective programmes, we also offer other activities such as swimmingschool trips and entrepreneurship opportunitiesBook a tour to start exploring the exciting school life your child will have here at Nexus.



"My greatest memory at Nexus was when my music friends and I got to travel to Suzhou in China and sing in a mass choir of over 1,000 students in 2018. It was an arduous journey but singalongs in the bus helped us get there. We were able to meet professional conductors who had amazing insights and advice. After the many hours of rehearsals to finally stand and perform in a grand theatre hall was beyond rewarding."

Phoebe (Year 11)
Aspiring musician